Boston Student

Boston provides data modeling at its finest.

Boston is designed from the ground up to provide the most efficient way to develop data models using Object-Role Modeling (ORM), world renowned as a superlative data analysis and design methodology.
Boston Student offers all the features of Boston Professional, except that you can only have 3 Models in the Model Explorer at any time and there is a limit of 10 Pages per Model.

Boston is jam packed with features:

- Natural Language Verbalisations - Virtual Analyst (Natural Language Model Creation) - Morphing between Pages (simplified Model Navigation)
- Error List - Print / Print Preview - Model Dictionary
- 3 Models in Model Explorer - Limit of 10 Pages per Model - Model Explorer
- Export and Import Models with XML    

Boston requires Windows 7 of newer.

Model With Confidence

Object-Role Modeling (a type of Fact-Based Modeling) is renowned as one of the most comprehensive and precise data modeling methodologies available.

Unlimited Models and Pages

As a data modeling professional you work with a myriad of models, some of which may be quite large. Add as many Pages as you need to each Model to capture the full Universe-Of-Discourse you are modeling.

Comprehensive Help

Boston 2.0 comes with a comprehensive help manual the size of a book. If you get stuck, consult the manual or our Help Desk to get back under way...

Virtual Analyst

Use Boston's Virtual Analyst, Briana, to create models quickly and efficiently. Briana is a state-of-the-art conversational interface that allows you to create models in natural language.

Complete your models with the minimum of fuss.